About Rob Leigh

A comics professional with more than twenty years of experience, I’m looking forward to bringing my lettering to your project, making it the very best it can be!

Attention to detail and conscientiously striving to serve the story are hallmarks of my work. I’m a prolific letterer having produced literally tens of thousands of pages of work always, always, ALWAYS on time. In an industry where deadlines are critical, my record is flawless. Working meticulously does not mean working slow, however; my turnaround time is not to be matched. 

My clients have included:

  • DC Comics
  • MAD Magazine
  • Wildstorm Comics
  • CMX
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • United Plankton Pictures/SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Disney Publishing
  • Avalanche Comics Entertainment
  • 12-Gauge Comics
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • Whirlygig Entertainment

Please contact me and let’s create something special!

Ask about logos and other design work, too.